Only A Foolish Old Man Will Marry A Young Lady Who Has Just Started Her Life – Ebenezer Obey

Ebenezer Obey, a Nigerian juju musician, says only a “foolish old man” would marry a young lady, who is still in the early years of her life, as a wife.

The 78-year-old veteran singer told The Nation while addressing queries as to whether or not he would marry another woman following the demise of Juliana Olufade, his wife, back in 2011.

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“Marry a young lady? It’s a foolish old man that will say he wants to marry a young lady. The young lady has just started her life and definitely is virile and strong,” the Egba-Yoruba native, said.

“Someone like me should be thinking of a woman who is 60 or above. When I do it, everyone will know. I can marry at any time, not just for the sake of marriage, but for the sake of companionship.

“I have been blessed. What else do I want? I have children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren. As long as I still have life, you will hear when the time for marriage comes.”

Obey had begun his professional career in the mid-1950s after moving to Lagos. After tutelage under Fatai Rolling-Dollar’s band, he formed a band called The International Brothers in 1964.

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Playing highlife–jùjú fusion, the band would later metamorphose into Inter-Reformers in the early-1970s, while having a long list of Juju album hits on the West African Decca musical label.

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