I employed this 21years old lady last year as a sales rep. At resumption to work she appeard so decent and godly always With her Bible and Sunday school manual. I was really impressed by her spiritual and respectful nature.

This made me treat her different from others. I buy her things and sometimes gives her money and always discuss her good lifestyle with my wife.

But what amazed me was that my wife was so indifferent about her each time I discuss her my wife will quickly change the topic. I thought, well-woman with their naughty behavior towards other women.

Fast-forward to June first this year her phone was stolen and I have a phone in office that I allow them access to in case their phone is off I can easily reach them through it. This faithful day, I tried to access my Facebook account using the office phone and found out that this same lady had used it but forget to log out.

Well, I knew it was wrong to check her inbox but all the same I did.

After checking her inbox I couldn’t sleep all night. I found out that she is having unprotected sex with 5 guys each guy per Sunday, and she just did an abortion March this year the very day she told me that she was sick and can’t make it to work, and she wasn’t sure who among the guys that impregnated her.

I also found out that she had missed her period again and trying to hang it on one of the boys.

The amazing thing is that none of these guys suspects her, they all believe she is a faithful girlfriend.

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I have thought of relieving her of her job, but my wife is asking me what should I give as reasons. But the truth is that I had never witnessed such a wayward life before.

If I pretend as though I know nothing she will eventually commit another abortion and continue with such life which is very dangerous at her age. What if she is my own daughter?

What Should I Do About This?

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